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Understanding Of Waste Paper Baler

August 17, 2023

Operation of waste paper baler
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1. The waste paper baler is controlled by dual servo motors, with high precision, no empty bags, and easy and convenient replacement of product specifications.
2. The intelligent parameter setting function reduces the number of shutdowns and failures, allowing workers to complete more products at the same time.
3. Sensed by the servo optical fiber, the length of the material is automatically identified for bag making and bag cutting, and long and short products can be packaged in an assembly line at the same time.
4. When there is no material, no film is used, which saves more packaging materials.
5. The waste paper baler has the function of saving records. When changing the packaging product, it can be directly switched to normal production without re-adjustment, reducing material loss during the adjustment process, saving time and film.
6. The machine has the function of automatically displaying system faults. When the machine fails, the waste paper baler system directly displays the cause of the fault and the maintenance steps, so that the fault can be eliminated in time, and the maintenance and maintenance are simpler and more convenient.
7. A variety of packaging materials can be selected to save the cost of packaging materials and meet the requirements of more customers.

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Nick mechanical waste paper baler can be controlled centrally, and can realize a variety of working modes. The operation is simple and convenient, the machine is safe and reliable, and can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. For more detailed instructions of waste paper baler, you can go to the website of Nick Machinery: