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Troubleshooting of waste paper baler in Sri Lanka

November 15, 2021

Sometimes the waste paper packaging machine produces a harsher noise, so how does this happen? Generally speaking, the noise produced by the conventional production and working waste paper baler is very small. If the waste paper baler produces unbearable noise during operation, it means that the machine has problems in some aspects. The cause of the problem may be Improper operation or failure to carry out reasonable daily maintenance.
In response to this situation, NICKBALER will then explain the noisy treatment plan of the waste paper baler, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.
1. Check whether the pilot valve is worn and close to the valve seat. If it is abnormal, replace the pilot head.
2. Check whether the pilot pressure regulating spring is deformed or kinked. If there is kinks, replace the pilot spring or make a U-turn.
3. Make sure that the oil pump and engine coupling are aligned and centered. If they are not aligned, they should be adjusted.
4. Check whether there is vibration in the equipment pipeline, and add silencer and vibration damping clamps where there is vibration.
5. The oil confluence point of double or multiple pumps must be reasonable, otherwise it will cause vibration and noise due to vortex cavitation.

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NICKBALER reminds you that in the production process, it is necessary to continuously accumulate experience and master relevant knowledge to make the waste paper baler work normally.