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Troubleshooting for Myanmar metal shearing machine

November 1, 2021

Hydraulic cylinders can also be called hydraulic cylinders. They are frequently used in the hydraulic system of metal shears. They are mainly used to complete energy conversion and transport oil components during work. In the actual operation process, it is inevitable that some minor failures will occur. Then What are the methods to avoid the failure of the hydraulic cylinder of the metal shearing machine?
1. The sealing device in the hydraulic cylinder is mainly the seal, and the appropriate hardness should be selected, and it should be noted that the higher the cylinder pressure, the greater the hardness of the seal.
2. Pay attention to the sealing of hydraulic cylinders and choose the ones that match them. You can't choose them casually, let alone use them at will, because this will cause problems.
3. The hydraulic cylinder should be used correctly and reasonably, and it cannot be operated and used blindly. This will not only cause serious damage, but also greatly shorten its service life, and may bring very serious consequences, making it scrapped and unusable. , Resulting in a loss of economic benefits.
Achieving the above three points can not only avoid the failure of the hydraulic cylinder, but also improve the use effect of the metal shearing machine, thereby creating greater economic benefits.

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