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Three major failures of Austrian gantry shears

November 24, 2021

As we all know, gantry shears will have some more common failures. If we know the prevention and solutions of failures during use, it will greatly improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. .
NICKBALER analyzes three common faults of gantry shears for you, as follows:
One is the mechanical failure of the equipment, which includes unreasonable hydraulic system design, incorrect installation clearance, quality problems of hydraulic components, improper selection of seals, etc. The hydraulic system failures caused by these problems generally have nothing to do with hydraulic oil.
The second is the failure of the hydraulic system caused by operating errors, which means that the hydraulic system is caused by improper operation by the operator during normal operation, such as wrong opening and closing of the valve, sudden interruption of the power supply, operating temperature or pressure is too high, and the wrong oil is added when refueling , The oil level of the fuel tank is too high or too low, and the separated water is not discharged from the bottom of the fuel tank in time.
The third is that the quality of the hydraulic oil causes the hydraulic system to malfunction. This is mostly caused by improper oil selection or the use of unqualified oil. It may also be caused by the hydraulic oil being used for a long time and the oil is not replaced in time.

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In the process of using the gantry shearing machine, you should continue to accumulate experience and master relevant skills and knowledge, so that the gantry shearing machine can work better.