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Three conditions to consider when choosing a highly efficient plastic baler

October 13, 2021

When using any equipment in life, you will pay attention to some issues such as work efficiency. As far as the plastic baler is concerned, you must first ensure its quality and then ensure its work efficiency when using it, so how to choose a plastic with high work efficiency What about the Baler? Next, let the editor of the plastic Baler explain it, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
1. Choose the right model
People who are just beginning to come into contact with plastic balers want to buy larger equipment. For example, when buying a plastic baler, the standard size is 800*600mm, but customers often say that you want 1000*800mm when choosing, because customers think that if you buy a large plastic baler, you can use it in it. The selected frame size is significantly larger than the required size, so the working efficiency of the plastic baler must be low.
2. Choose the right working mode
The plastic baler has multiple working modes: manual, inching, continuous beating, etc. Choose various modes according to actual operation. If you need to pack relatively long items (such as wood), you should choose a working mode such as continuous ball or ball switch, which can save the time of manually pressing the switch, thereby effectively improving work efficiency.
3. Choose the right support equipment
The working efficiency of the plastic baler is 2s/lane. If the supporting equipment cannot provide the working speed of the plastic baler, it will waste a certain amount of time. Therefore, the front support equipment must be efficient to fully meet the working speed and load of the plastic baler.

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The above three points are all about the three conditions to be considered when choosing Nick Machinery’s efficient plastic baler. If you are interested in our baler, please contact our staff: 86-29-86031588