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Three Common Faults That Are Prone To Occur During Operation Of Indian Hydraulic Balers

August 25, 2023

Hydraulic balers may have many problems during the packaging of goods, and these problems will appear in any factory equipment, these are common failures of hydraulic balers. Although these failures are not major problems, they will affect normal production, so they need to be resolved in time to avoid the occurrence of small and big problems. So what common faults are prone to occur when the hydraulic baler is running? Next, let Nick Machinery explain it, I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
1. No vacuuming
If the hydraulic baler does not evacuate for the first time, it is likely that the electrical connection is reversed, the vacuum pump is reversed, and the vacuum cannot be drawn. If the hydraulic baler suddenly does not evacuate after being used for a period of time, it may be that the vacuum pump or circuit board is faulty, or it may be that the vacuum chamber is deformed and the vacuum cover cannot be completely evacuated.
2. Not sealed
If the hydraulic baler is not sealed, it is first to observe whether the package is burnt. If yes, the heating temperature is not enough. We just need to adjust the heating temperature. If there are no burn marks on the bag, then the heating strip is not warm at all. This may be caused by two situations: one is that the heating belt is broken or burned out, and the other is that the heating transformer is burned out. Users only need to go step by step.
3. The seal is not smooth
The sealing of the bag is uneven, generally manifested as folds at the seal, and no obvious pattern at the seal. Wrinkles at the closure are mostly caused by the bag being too short. In general, the length of the vacuum bag should be 3 to 4cm longer than the packaging, and it is necessary to fully ensure that the hydraulic baler will not leak air during the packaging process. There is no obvious pattern on the seal, which is mainly caused by too long heating time. If the heating time is too long, the heating belt will completely burn the vacuum packaging bag and lose the appearance of the seal, so there will be uneven sealing.

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