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There are many benefits of the straw briquetting machine

July 26, 2021

The straw briquetting machine is a device that crushes and compresses straw and other biomass materials into high-efficiency and environmentally friendly fuel or feed. The products pressed by the straw briquetting machine are used as feed or fuel. After practice and continuous improvement, straw compression The block machine has become more and more perfect.
The straw briquetting machine has the advantages of high degree of automation, high output, low price, low power consumption, simple operation, and pollution-free environment.
The straw briquetting machine produced by the straw briquetting machine overcomes the weakness of the straw itself, which is light in weight, large in size, and easily affected by external conditions when used, and meets the requirements of commercialization.
Pressing stalk biomass into blocks can be used as a new type of biomass fuel to replace coal for various purposes such as cooking, heating, and power generation.
In today's situation where coal, petroleum and other minerals are in short supply, the widespread use of biomass fuels will play an important role in solving the country's vast rural energy problems.
The straw briquetting machine can also be used to produce forage grass and forage-usable crop straws into forage grass blocks. The forage grass has good palatability after maturation, can be stored for a long time without deterioration, and is convenient for storage, so that the resources of the forage grass production area have a wider market. It plays an important role in protecting grassland and developing captive animal husbandry.
At the same time, forage block is also an important disaster relief reserve material. Putting it into the disaster area is not only the feed for saving cattle and sheep, but also the fuel that is urgently needed in the disaster area.

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Using the straw briquetting machine to directly produce straw briquettes in the raw material producing area can save a lot of costs in raw material storage and transportation, fire prevention management, etc., and can greatly expand the source of raw materials.
The NICKBALER straw briquetting machine is a special equipment for extruding crop straws, branches, pastures and other stalk biomass materials into blocks, which is convenient for transportation and storage.