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The Working Principle Of The Main Cylinder Loading System Of The Straw Baler

September 11, 2023

The main cylinder loading system of the straw baler includes two parts, an unloading circuit and a two-way locking circuit. The main cylinder is controlled by a plunger pump driven by an electric motor. There is a pilot-operated relief valve at the oil outlet of the plunger pump. When the outlet pressure of the pump is higher than the set pressure, the solenoid 3YA will be connected to the power supply, which will promote the unloading of the plunger pump, which is a kind of pressure overload. protection mechanism. It is a safeguard measure for the company's production safety.
The outlet pressure of the pump can be monitored in real time through a pressure gauge, and the pressure monitoring can be controlled in time. There is a cooler on the oil return line to control the temperature of the hydraulic oil well.
A pressure gauge is also installed at the oil inlet of the loading cylinder of the main cylinder, and a safety valve is also equipped to avoid excessive pressure as a safety device. When the pressure of the main cylinder of the straw baler exceeds the designed pressure value, the safety valve will start to unload.

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