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The working principle of the Indian iron chip briquetting machine

September 28, 2021

Put the steel scrap to be packed into the bin, operate the reversing valve handle, close the door cover and lock the door cover by the lock to prevent it from floating, and perform primary pre-compression at the same time, and then the side pressure cylinder moves forward to perform secondary compression; When it is in place, the main pressure cylinder moves forward for final compression. After the main pressure cylinder reaches the system pressure, the pressure is maintained for 3-5s. The main and side pressure cylinders return, pull out the lock and open the door cover. On the return journey, a work cycle is completed at this time.
The size of the bale is determined by the weight, material and geometric shape of the added scrap steel. Therefore, it is not allowed to pack too much for the thicker, that is, the denser scrap steel. The block is too long or too large to be turned out of the package block, and even causes the side pressure slider to fail to be in place, causing a series of failures such as the dislocation of the main pressure slider.
Add scrap steel to the bin-operate the reversing valve handle-lock the door cover-at the same time, primary pre-compression-side pressure cylinder working, secondary compression-main pressure cylinder working for final compression-main pressure cylinder holding pressure 5s-side pressure cylinder return stroke-main pressure cylinder return stroke-open the door cover-turn the package cylinder work to turn out the package block and return.

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