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The Way And Shape Of Scrap Metal Baler

April 7, 2023

Scrap Metal baler 
Scrap Hydraulic Baler, Scrap Steel Baler, Scrap Metal Baler
1. If your scrap is ferrous metal, then we recommend you to use a high squeezing force turn-over baler. The bale density is relatively large, the bale out speed is high, and the bale out is stable.
2. If your scrap is light metal and thin, like aluminum scrap, aluminum cans, etc., then we recommend that you use a front Baler. Since there is only secondary compression, all the stress points are concentrated on the front door. It also creates the characteristics of low density of bales and exclusive characteristics of light and thin materials.
3. If your scraps are heavy-duty materials, Nick Machinery recommends that you use a side-out baler or a front-turning-type scrap metal baler. The volume and weight of the heavy materials are relatively large.
Introduction to the forming of scrap metal baler:
The baling machine block also has many shapes, generally square, octagonal, and round. The square baler is the most common type of hydraulic baler in the entire hydraulic market, but some Due to the limitation of the furnace mouth or the aesthetic point of view, it needs to be made into a hexagonal, octagonal or round shape. However, the price of the octagonal type will be more expensive than the price of the square type for the same type of hydraulic baler and the same type of hydraulic configuration. The price of the round type is basically the same as that of the octagonal type. For the comparison of the molding die of the baler, the square type baler It is also the most wear-resistant and easiest to repair.
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