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The transformation mode of waste paper baler

September 7, 2021

With the enhancement of scientific and technological capabilities, changes in production requirements have prompted changes in the production mode of waste paper balers. The following is an analysis and understanding based on the current situation.
1. Large-scale transformation. Now the number of customers buying large-scale automatic waste paper balers is increasing. This shows that the original small equipment cannot effectively meet their actual production needs. This requires manufacturers to continue to expand the types of equipment to enable customers Can choose suitable products better and more directly.
2. Intelligent transformation. The so-called intelligence is mainly embodied in the production technology, such as operation mode, automation level, etc. This requires manufacturers to keep pace with the times, continuously combine advanced technology team equipment to innovate, and further improve its technological content.
3. Simplified transformation, that is, the production process should be simple, and the daily maintenance of the equipment should be simple, so the manufacturer must strictly control the product quality when producing the equipment, and secondly, there must be detailed operation and maintenance instructions so that customers can see at a glance.

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