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The straw baler has important performance in the autumn harvest season

July 2, 2021

The autumn harvest season is the season when a large number of crops are harvested. The crop straw will also be produced in large quantities. The straw baler produced by our NICKBALER can effectively compress and pack crop straw, cotton stalks, shavings, wood chips and other materials into blocks, which is convenient for storage and transport. The finished material can be used as biomass fuel for power generation, burning boilers, heating, etc., waste can be recycled, and it also brings a certain degree of protection to our environment.
Our NKB20 straw baler generally has a working efficiency of 12-15 bags per hour, and the size of the finished material is generally 1500*1200*900mm. The equipment is under great pressure, and the effect of one-time molding is good. It can work without interruption. It is currently processing crop straw. The main equipment.
We always believe that only by improving our own strength can we win the straw baler market in the future. The straw baler occupies an important position in the animal husbandry industry. It can produce green storage forage in the animal husbandry industry. It is a new type of equipment that cannot be replaced by animal husbandry and agriculture.

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NICKBALER Straw Baler has the characteristics of high packing density, beautiful bag shape, easy installation, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and small footprint.