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The output of vertical waste paper baler and technological

October 19, 2021

At present, the production capacity of the vertical waste paper baler has developed rapidly, but the technological progress of the industry is relatively slow, and the R&D and innovation capabilities are low. The service life and reliability of the vertical waste paper baler have gradually been unable to meet the needs of technological development. Therefore, technological innovation is urgently needed. The vertical waste paper baler is currently still stuck on capacity expansion, which makes China's baler industry lack a certain brand effect. Therefore, in terms of technological innovation of vertical waste paper baler, we must increase efforts to make contributions to my country's baler industry.
After years of development, the vertical waste paper baler has formed a considerable scale, although the scale of development of my country's baler industry has been very large. Nowadays, the development of all walks of life is inseparable from innovation. If the vertical waste paper baler can be developed in terms of technological innovation, at the same time in response to the call of the country, it will also bring more economy to the vertical waste paper baler equipment enterprises. Benefit.
In today's modern society, most waste paper baler manufacturers are reluctant to develop new products by themselves, and just want to imitate other people's equipment models. Manufacturers that open up new equipment are also unwilling to spend any precious time and money to develop new equipment, which has led to an unusually slow rate of replacement of waste paper baler products.
Many manufacturers now lack the awareness of protecting their own intellectual property rights, and have not applied for patents in all aspects for the new products and new technologies they have researched, so as to carry out effective property rights protection. Soon after this type of new products enter the market, they will be easily imitated by other manufacturers and put in a lot of labor production. The above question seems:
1. It has greatly discouraged the enthusiasm of manufacturers of waste paper balers for research and development, and even many manufacturers have given up their investment in this area;
2. The technology of waste paper baler and the research and development of new products are slow, and the technology of some developed countries is getting farther and farther. Therefore, every manufacturer in our country must increase the awareness of intellectual property protection and let opportunistic tricks. Manufacturers are unable to succeed and strive to improve the competitiveness of my country's waste paper baler industry in the international market.

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