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The method of metal briquetting machine to ensure work efficiency

October 8, 2021

The metal briquetting machine can directly cold-press raw materials such as cast iron shavings, various metal shavings, steel shavings, aluminum shavings, and good-quality mineral powder into 3-6kg cakes through high pressure, which is convenient for storage and reduces transportation and smelting in the recycling process. loss. What are the methods to ensure the working efficiency of the metal briquetting machine?
1. Reasonably control the feeding speed
When using the metal briquetting machine, pay attention to controlling the speed of feeding and blanking, especially the speed of blanking, and the speed should not be too fast, otherwise it will easily cause the blockage of the machine and equipment. But the cutting speed should not be too slow, otherwise the progress of the project will definitely be seriously delayed.
2. Pay attention to the impurities in the filter material
Because there are impurities in the original material, it is easy to cause damage to the mold, and serious secondary pollution will also affect the blanking. Of course, in the work of the metal briquetting machine, we must always pay attention to whether there is metal scrap. If there is relatively small scrap, be careful not to block the piston of the cylinder tube. Of course, in actual operation, be careful not to push back and forth, otherwise it will easily damage the cylinder.
3. Try to use one kind of material in the pressing process
If the metal briquetting machine is not uniformly stressed during the blanking, it is easy to cause different shapes of the cake, or abnormal cracks and so on. Try to choose a material of metal shavings, so that there will be no too much pressure during debugging later.
4. Pay attention to maintenance during suppression
If there is an abnormality, the fault must be dealt with in time. The staff must pay attention to the operation of the metal briquetting machine at any time. If there is abnormal noise, oil leakage, and other faults, they must be dealt with in time.

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In addition to being a very important piece of scrap metal equipment in the scrap metal industry, the metal briquetting machine can pack all kinds of metals. It is a very hot equipment in current investment projects, and its development prospects are particularly good.