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The master cylinder of the Philippine hydraulic press

November 10, 2022

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1. The hydraulic press master cylinder is the main working part of the hydraulic press, and the performance of the hydraulic press master cylinder directly affects the overall technological level of the hydraulic press. Through careful analysis and theoretical research to solve the problems existing in the design structure of the vulnerable parts, the hydraulic cylinder can meet the process strength requirements as a whole, and the process level and service life of the hydraulic cylinder can be improved. Therefore, the meticulous and rigorous design and calculation of the main cylinder of the hydraulic press plays a vital role in the design and production of the hydraulic press.
2. When the slider of the master cylinder of the hydraulic press moves fast, the speed is relatively fast under the action of its own weight, and the output oil volume of the hydraulic pump at this time cannot meet the rapid downward movement of the slider. The load of the hydraulic press master cylinder in fast forward is very small, only the friction load between the piston and the cylinder, the guide column and the slider, so that the outlet pressure of the pump is also very small, and the power consumption is not very large.
3. When the piston rod of the hydraulic press is fully extended, the distance from the midpoint of the piston bearing surface to the midpoint of the sliding bearing surface of the cylinder head is called the minimum guide length, which is represented by H. If the guide length is too small, the initial deflection of the hydraulic cylinder will increase due to the deflection caused by the gap, which will affect the stable operation of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press.
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