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The influence of Sri Lanka voltage on the baler

November 15, 2022

Baler Safety Operation Rules
Cow Dung Baler, Sheep Dung Baler, Hydraulic Baler

For any equipment, a stable power supply voltage is the first condition to ensure its normal operation, and the baler is no exception. So what effect does the unstable voltage have on the operation of the baler? Is it as simple as simply burning down the machine?
1. Burn the motor. This situation is well known, unstable voltage can cause unstable power supply to the motor, which in turn will burn the motor.
2. Burning of electrical components. Due to the different configuration of equipment by various manufacturers, the quality is also uneven. It may be that the motor does not burn out under the condition of unstable power supply, but other electrical components may be burned.
3. Affect work efficiency
In fact, unstable voltage can cause many problems, follow NICKBALER to learn more

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