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The important position of straw baler in animal husbandry

October 26, 2021

First, the roughage such as straw is abundant in reserves and low in price, and currently the proportion of processed and utilized feed is small;
Second, ruminants and other herbivorous livestock, which account for a large proportion of animal husbandry, feed on pasture and certain roughages;
Third, as the demand for feed grains in various countries continues to grow, leading to a shortage of feed grains. This forces people to try to use coarse fodder and straw to develop animal husbandry, and give priority to the development of herbivorous livestock. my country’s straw resources are very rich. According to statistics, the country’s annual output of various crop straws amounts to 600 million tons, accounting for 20 to 30% of the world’s total straw production, and its amount is equivalent to more than 50 times the amount of grass culled in the northern grasslands. 

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