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The importance of Indian waste paper baler

September 23, 2021

The accumulator in the waste paper baler is very important. We need to pay more attention when purchasing. Today I will briefly introduce the role of the accumulator in the waste paper baler!
1. Maintain the pressure of the waste paper baler system. In the hydraulic system of the new waste paper baler, when the hydraulic pump stops supplying oil, the accumulator can provide pressure oil to the system to compensate for system leakage or serve as emergency energy to make the waste paper baler The system maintains pressure for a period of time, which can prevent the oil source from being suddenly inflicted due to power outages or system failures and damage to the parts.
2. The accumulator also has the function of absorbing hydraulic shock and pressure pulsation, and is used to absorb the hydraulic shock caused by the rapid change in the speed and direction of the liquid flow, so that the pressure amplitude of the waste paper baler is greatly reduced to prevent the formation of components If damaged, install an accumulator at the outlet of the hydraulic pump to absorb the pulsating pressure of the hydraulic pump of the waste paper baler.
3. The accumulator of the waste paper baler can supply a large amount of oil. The accumulator can store the excess pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump. When the waste paper baler system needs it, it will be released by the accumulator, which can reduce The rated flow of the hydraulic pump reduces the power consumption of the motor and reduces the temperature rise of the hydraulic system.

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