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The impact of "live delivery of goods" on the clothing Baler

June 29, 2021

With the development of the Internet, more and more short video platforms have become well-known to the public, and short video viewing and watching live broadcasts have also become people's pastimes after dinner. As the live broadcast is well-known to the public, the trend of "live streaming with goods" has also blown to the wholesale market.
The clothing wholesale market in the past was closed after get off work and went back to their respective stores. With the rise of live webcasts, the clothing wholesale market just after business hours is more lively than during normal business hours. The small stores are also divided into live broadcast areas and rest areas. Almost every store is carrying out live broadcasts, and the number of viewers in each live broadcast room is more than 1,000. The daily turnover of the wholesale city can reach Around 200,000, the double eleven live broadcast can reach 1 million or even 2 million in sales in just four hours.
The more sales, the more clothes are sold, so how do you transport large quantities of clothes? Most merchants will choose to use a garment Baling Press machine to compress and pack the sold garments, so as to better facilitate transportation. The emergency stop button of the garment Baling Press machine is installed separately, and the location is eye-catching, making the operation safer.

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