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The faults of crocodile shearing machine

October 10, 2022

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In work, with the increase of frequency of use and work intensity, coupled with improper maintenance, it will inevitably cause the crocodile shearing machine to malfunction. In order to help everyone correctly understand the cause of equipment failure and avoid the occurrence of failure, the following , let's summarize the common reasons for the failure of the cutting machine! Hope it will help you in your future work.
1. Improper installation or aging failure of the sealing ring.
2. The electromagnet is short-circuited, and the solenoid valve core is stuck.
3. The power supply is out of phase or the voltage is too large.
4. There is air in the cylinder or system.
5. The spool of the oil relief valve is stuck, the adjustment handle is loose, and the oil pump cannot absorb oil.
6. There is water in the oil to form liquid-in-water (new oil needs to be replaced).
7. The oil pump suction pipe is leaking.
8. When the knife is automatically retracted, the parameters of the hydraulic crocodile shearing machine will not stop after hitting the stroke switch, and the stop button will not work. It is because the travel switch fails, and the contact point of the retracting tool is sintered and not loosened. Contacts need to be ground and replaced with new ones.
9. The shearing knife gap of the shearing machine is too large or too small; re-sharpen the knife and adjust the knife gap.
10. There is jam in the blade or the blade is excessively worn.

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