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The Baling Press length of waste paper baler can be freely controlled

July 16, 2021

In the original waste paper baler equipment, the length of the bag is controlled artificially and visually, so that the length of all the bags cannot be guaranteed to be the same. If they are similar, this problem can be ignored.
In the waste paper recycling industry, some have strict requirements on the specifications of the waste paper after packaging, and the size of the bale needs to be consistent. We must effectively control the length, width, and height of the bale during the process of compressing and packaging the recycled waste paper. The size of the waste paper baler of NICKBALER does this, so that the overall appearance of the bale is consistent, and the income of waste paper is improved.
The length of the waste paper baler can be controlled freely. It is controlled by a computer program, with high accuracy, and PLC button program control, which reduces manpower and is simple to maintain. The waste paper baler can achieve efficient production.
Purchasing the hydraulic waste paper baler is to better complete the production goals and realize the increase in value. NICKBALER waste paper baler is reasonable in design, scientific and trustworthy.

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The development of waste paper baler is still inseparable from the support of the market. Without a market, there will be no customers, and without a customer, there will be no sales.
The success of the waste paper baler allows us to see the prospects of the baler industry, and NICKBALER is full of confidence in the baler market.