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Technical advantages of vertical waste paper baler

August 10, 2021

The vertical waste paper baler is a packaging machine that can be operated both automatically and manually. Whether it is automated or manually loaded, it is very convenient and user-friendly, and is more in line with people's different needs.
In addition, the waste paper baler can bring complete physical packaging without changing the physical characteristics of these materials, thereby achieving a completely environmentally friendly packaging treatment method, which is also very convenient for subsequent processing of materials.
The use of a vertical waste paper baler can achieve a very amazing compression and packaging effect, with a compression ratio of 5:1, which means that more than 80% of the area is saved.
Therefore, the current vertical waste paper baler is very helpful to the recycling of various waste materials, and effectively saves various costs in the packaging and recycling process.

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The use of NICKBALER waste paper baler can better contribute to environmental protection, bring very effective help, and achieve better results.