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Supply of semi-automatic baler

July 8, 2022

Baler supply
Waste paper baler, waste newspaper baler, corrugated paper baler

In recent years, with the increasing development of science and technology, the domestic semi-automatic baler supply industry has undergone tremendous changes. Not only the types of equipment are more diversified, but also more improvements have been made in terms of functions! The fully automatic waste paper baler is only a branch of the packaging industry. It has attracted a lot of attention when it first entered the market and has been developing very rapidly over the years.


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Advantages of semi-automatic baler supply:

1. Upgrade the rail steel outlet: the steel material of the outlet has been upgraded from channel steel to rail bar, which is stronger. Ensure that the compression path of the trolley will not deviate.

2. Install large-diameter butterfly valve: each horizontal machine is equipped with a large-diameter butterfly valve. The oil inlet pipeline is thick and the oil inlet is unobstructed. There will be no insufficient oil supply during the compression work.

3. Brand high pressure plunger pump: efficient, low noise and high quality. The flow-through part is made of cast iron, and the pump body is non-corrosive. Anti-wear hydraulic oil medium.

4. Double control distribution box: The electric box is made of China People's Electrical Appliances, which is simple and convenient to operate, and can also be controlled remotely. You can choose the control mode according to your own habits.
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