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Structural system of marine garbage baler

August 25, 2021

The marine garbage baler is an electric machine, driven by hydraulic power, and has the characteristics of small size, convenient movement and easy maintenance.
It is suitable for ships, ships, offshore oil platforms and islands, as well as factory workshops and warehouses.
Using advanced hydraulic system, high-strength framework and humanized design system, the equipment can be more adapted to the use environment, more convenient and safer to use.
Let's take a look at the structural system of the marine garbage baler.
The marine garbage compressor consists of a hydraulic station, a press module, a press bin, casters, and feet.
1. Hydraulic station: The marine garbage compressor is a hydraulic power system with fast speed, low noise and high efficiency. The equipment adopts the upper feeding structure, which is convenient for observing the garbage compression when the equipment is working.
2. Pressing module: The pressing module of the marine garbage baler is composed of an electric box control unit and a pressing board. The integrated pressing module makes the equipment small in size, simple in structure, and fully functional, and the operation is simple and convenient .
3. Pressing bin: The press bin of marine garbage compressor is designed with compression and packing reminder and door open stop function, which is safe to operate.
4. Casters and feet: The design of equipment with casters and feet is mainly to facilitate the movement and stability of the marine garbage compressor.

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