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Structural characteristics of Austrian gantry shearing machine

November 29, 2021

The gantry shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which saves time and effort, is easy to operate and easy to use.
The structural characteristics of the gantry shear:
(1) Gantry frame structure, economical and applicable, and convenient for maintenance;
(2) The hydraulic control adopts an integral cartridge valve integrated system, which reduces leakage points, has small impact, reliable action and long service life;
(3) Two molding processes of constant pressure and constant stroke can be realized. The pressure holding delay function is optional, the delay time is adjustable, the working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements, and the operation is simple.
The gantry shearing machine is suitable for metal recycling companies, scrap steel plants, smelting and foundry enterprises to perform cold shearing on various shapes of steel and various metal structures to process qualified charge.

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NICKBALER gantry shears are strictly controlled in accordance with the operation mode of ISO9001 international quality management system, and the quality fully meets the requirements of economic industrial design.