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Speed regulation technology of cotton baler

October 11, 2021

The pre-compression/pushing (cotton feeding) mechanism of the cotton baler operates in a reciprocating cycle to continuously feed the lint into the baler. As the amount of lint entering the baler increases, the pressure of the pre-compression cylinder also rises. When the pressure reaches Once the value is set, the bale weight measurement (cotton weight reaches the specified weight) signal is sent. In the whole process of hitting a cotton bale, the pre-pressure cylinder will have a large hydraulic shock at the first few times and the next few times ascending and starting, and the large noise caused is caused by the pressure change of the pre-pressure cylinder. , High pressure and low pressure both cause shock, and the reasons are different. According to the principle of conservation of energy, these shocks and noises are not only harmful, but also consume electrical energy and waste energy. Generally, the automatic baler can only control the upward movement of the pre-compression cylinder with a fixed program (fixed action beat), and it is difficult to overcome these problems. After adopting intelligent technology, the Baler internally detects the pressure of the pre-compression cylinder, and according to the change of the pressure signal, intelligently changes the control program of the pre-compression cylinder when it starts up, so that the pre-compression cylinder has a small impact and good dynamic performance during the whole process of packaging.
The intelligent control technology of the cotton baler not only intelligently adjusts the speed of the motor pumps of the main pressure and pre-compression mechanisms, but also enables the baler to self-intelligently correct and adjust the operability of the main movement mechanism, so that the baler can achieve a large degree of energy saving. At the same time, it also reduces the heating of the hydraulic oil, reduces the breakdown, and comprehensively improves the performance of the baler.

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