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Scrap Metal Baler Machine Classification

March 23, 2023

Scrap Metal Baler Machine 
Scrap Iron Baler Machine, Scrap Metal Baler Machine, Scrap Steel Baler Machine
Due to the difference of materials to be pressed, metal briquetting machines are generally divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The sales staff will recommend the briquetting machine tool suitable for you according to your briquetting material. Just like the introduction below, in general, assume that the materials you need to briquette are scrap metal shavings, iron shavings, pig iron shavings, aluminum shavings, steel shavings, mineral powder, etc., and there are certain requirements for the density of the briquettes. In that case, a vertical metal balier machine is generally required. Precautions for the operation of non-metal powder briquetting machine Before each shift, check the oil leakage of the machine and replace the seals in time.
When your briquetting materials are relatively large metal corner materials, scrap iron, scrap copper, aluminum plates, car shells, bicycle frames, electric bicycle frames, waste oil drums, cans and other large materials, and the density after briquetting is not required At the time, Chen usually recommends that you use a horizontal metal briquetting machine. In order to prevent air from intruding into the hydraulic system of the copper chip briquetting machine, after maintenance and oil replacement are required, the air in the system should be removed according to the operating instructions of the copper chip baler machine to prevent the oil suction pipe port of the hydraulic oil pump from exposing the oil surface. The suction pipe should be well sealed. The seal of the oil pump drive shaft should be checked frequently. When replacing oil seals, double-lip oil seals should be used instead of single-lip oil seals, because single-lip oil seals can only seal oil in one direction and have no sealing function.
In addition to the metal baling press machine is a very important piece of scrap metal equipment in the scrap metal industry, and the metal briquetting machine can pack all kinds of metals, it is a very hot equipment in current investment projects, and its development prospects are particularly good. www.nkbaler .net
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