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Scrap metal baler delivery method

November 1, 2022

Metal Baler
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NICKBALER metal baler, there are two ways to produce blocks:
1. Turn-over metal balers, as the name suggests, is to turn out the compressed bales from the pressing chamber. It is currently the most popular in the market and is also the first choice for small scrap metal balers. The height of the model is generally below 1 meter. Do manual feeding. There are two types of bag turning: one is to turn the bag sideways and the other is to turn the bag forward. The rollover bag is suitable for the left and right length of the bag, and the length should not be too long, generally between 250-500 mm in length, otherwise if the bag is too long, the bag will easily slip off during the rollover process. However, the front turn over the bag to produce the block can easily turn the bag out of the material box regardless of the size of the left and right length of the bag.
2. Pushing the bag The bag is released before the bag is launched, and the material block after the bag is punched from the front door, but the density of the bag block is not high. This model belongs to the secondary compression baler.
If your scrap belongs to ferrous metal, then we recommend you to use a high extrusion force turning baler, the density of the bale is relatively large, the bale speed is block, and the bale is smooth; if your scrap belongs to light metal and thin material, For aluminum scraps, aluminum cans, etc., we recommend you to use the front-loading baler. Since there is only secondary compression, the stress points are all concentrated on the front small door, which also results in the low density of the package and the exclusive use of light and thin materials. Features; if your scrap is heavy, it is recommended that you use a side-out baler or a front-turning type scrap metal baler, as the volume and weight of the heavy-duty material are relatively large after baling.

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