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Saudi Arabia hydraulic baler Baler pressure selection

March 15, 2023

The relationship between the Baler pressure of the baler and the material of the bale
It is important to choose the right Baler pressure, which is closely related to the material of the block. Different materials require different packaging pressures.
Generally speaking, metal shavings (such as steel shavings with a large amount of shavings) should have a higher Baler pressure to prevent chipping during the molding process and transportation; and for the lump-shaped thin and strip-shaped metal For materials that are easy to form, such as materials, stable bales can be formed without excessive Baler pressure.
Therefore, we believe that users should fully consider their own material conditions when selecting the baler, supplemented by appropriate calculations, and then can select a suitable scrap metal baler. When choosing the model of scrap metal baler, it is recommended to choose the type as far as possible within the range of equipment commonly used by Chinese manufacturers. These balers have mature and reliable technology, convenient spare parts, sufficient supply and relatively high cost performance.
In order to ensure the final molding quality of the bale, to prevent it from loosening and falling during the packaging molding or transportation process, for the materials that are difficult to mold, a smaller size bale should be selected and pre-calculated to ensure that there is sufficient packaging pressure ; On the contrary, you can choose a larger balus (generally speaking, the unit of use of the balus will make certain requirements for the volume of the balus) to improve the efficiency of entering the furnace.
In the selection of the scrap metal baler, the influence of the material and volume of the bale should be considered, and the relationship between the raw materials of the bale, the volume of the bale, and the packaging pressure should be analyzed, so that you can choose Suitable baler to ensure the final molding quality of the bale.
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