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Safe operation of Myanmar scrap steel shearing machine

November 1, 2021

The safe operation rules of the scrap steel shearing machine before and after work:
1. Before work
1. Add enough lubricating oil, after starting, run dry first, check that the transmission parts and bearings are running normally, then work.
2. For equipment with hydraulic devices, check the oil storage tank for sufficient oil. After starting the oil pump, check the valves and pipelines for leakage. The pressure should meet the requirements. Open the air release valve to release the air in the system.
3. Check whether the cutter has cracks, the bolts of the knife holder are fastened, and the protective cover is firm.
2. After work
1. The upper knife board should be placed at the lowest position, the power supply should be cut off, the switch box should be locked, and the debris between the cutters should be cleared for cleaning and maintenance of the whole machine.
2. Check the lubrication phenomenon in the bearing regularly, and inject lubricating oil regularly to reduce the friction between the bearings.
It is hoped that users will operate strictly in accordance with the regulations and achieve safe production. Safe production is an important guarantee for the development of an enterprise. Only by doing a good job in safe production can they create a good development environment for the enterprise and win better economic benefits.

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