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Running speed of Togo waste paper baler

September 6, 2021

The benefits of waste paper balers are undoubtedly huge. People who often use waste paper balers know that waste paper balers cannot run too fast. Do you know why waste paper balers cannot run too fast?
Reasons why the waste paper baler cannot run too fast during work:
The internal and external oil leakage is serious. In relatively fast work, it will easily cause the oil supply pressure to be too low, but the pressure is too much higher than the oil return oil circuit. When the piston seal of the hydraulic baler cylinder is damaged, the baler Both sides of the oil cylinder are likely to cause excessive internal leakage accidents, resulting in insufficient rapid movement speed of the oil cylinder of the waste paper baler, and other parts are also prone to oil leakage.
The oil supply pressure of the hydraulic baler oil pump cannot meet the flow demand. In order to prevent the occurrence of oil leakage, strict inspections must be carried out before work.

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