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Reducing the noise of waste paper baler

October 21, 2021

1. The waste paper baler equipment must be sealed as possible to prevent leakage.
2. The structural elements of the hydraulic cylinder of the baler should adopt the standard series of sizes, and try to choose the standard parts that are frequently used.
3. Try to achieve low cost, easy manufacture and convenient maintenance.
4. Minimize the size of the hydraulic cylinder of the waste paper baler to make the structure compact.
5. Ensure the reciprocating speed of the hydraulic cylinder and the traction required by the stroke.
6. When the piston rod of the long-stroke hydraulic cylinder extends, try to avoid sagging.
7. The waste paper baler can eliminate the deflection between the piston, the piston rod and the guide rail.
8. According to the working conditions and specific conditions of the hydraulic cylinder, consider buffering, exhaust and dust prevention measures.
9. The hydraulic cylinder should not be flexed due to restrictions due to temperature changes. Especially long hydraulic cylinders should be paid more attention.
10. The piston rod is best to be pulled and not compressed to avoid bending deformation.
11. Ensure that each part of the waste paper baler has sufficient strength, rigidity and durability.

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