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Qualified rate of straw baler

March 9, 2023

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There are many kinds of straw baler equipment on the market, and even the equipment of the same family cannot be exactly the same. How to effectively ensure high-quality straw balers and the pass rate of baling is the key to evaluating the quality of a straw baler equipment. The straw baler's baling pass rate, the speed of baling and other factors can comprehensively reflect the performance of a straw baler. To ensure this, in addition to manufacturers focusing on technology and production links during production. The user has a great relationship with the correct use method of the straw baler and the later maintenance during the use process. How can we effectively ensure the baling pass rate of the straw baler?
1. The manufacturer ensures that there is no problem with the quality during the production test process.
2. The correct operation of the user during use, and the premise guarantee for the working environment of the straw baler.
3. In the process of use, strictly follow the operating specifications of the manufacturer's guidance to ensure the normal working state of the straw baler. Such as hydraulic oil temperature, cooling system, etc.
4. Control the raw materials to be packaged to make the raw materials suitable for the straw baler to prevent foreign objects from entering the host cavity.
5. Pay attention to the protection of factors that are easily affected by temperature such as hydraulic oil in different seasons.
6. Regular maintenance and maintenance of the straw baler in the later period is related to the service life and long-term working efficiency of the straw baler, which cannot be ignored.
NICKBALER straw baler is to turn a large amount of green waste into treasure, exert new economic value, protect the environment, improve the soil, and create good economic benefits.
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