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Purchase of waste paper baler in India

May 10, 2022

Purchase of waste paper baler

Hydraulic baler, waste paper baler, horizontal baler
There are two types of waste paper baler products: automatic waste paper baler and automatic waste paper baler. According to the division of nominal pressure, it can be divided into: 120 tons, 160 tons, 180 tons, 200 tons, these more common types and specifications. According to the Baler size, it can be divided into 850 type and 1250 type. According to the Baler mouth, it can be divided into: discharge mouth type and open mouth type. According to the main purpose, it can be divided into: straw baler, beverage bottle baler, waste paper baler, clothing baler, etc.


The purchase of waste paper baler and its advantages and disadvantages: the waste paper baler at the discharge port has a slower loading speed, a lot of manpower, low efficiency, high cost, beautiful package type, relatively solid compaction, and can be packaged The types of products are more like beverage bottles, cardboard boxes, books, newspapers and periodicals. Generally, the Baler rate is around 3 to 5 packs per hour. There are more applications in areas south of the Yangtze River. Open type waste paper baler, faster baling speed, less manpower, one person can actually operate it, saving time, effort and manpower, the baling rate is 5 to 15 bales per hour, but the types of bales are less common. Baler waste paper boxes, books, newspapers, etc. There is also a fully automatic waste paper baler that not only has the advantages of a door-opening waste paper baler, but also an open-door waste paper baler. The packaging speed is faster, the bag shape is beautiful, and there are more types of bags that can be installed at a reasonable price. Produce very large economic benefits for everyone.


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