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Product features of cow dung filter press

September 17, 2021

The cow dung filter press is specially designed for the treatment of animal dung. It is mainly used for the pressure filtration and compression of cow dung, sheep dung, chicken dung and other animal dung, and the cow dung water after dehydration by the cow dung filter press The portion is low, and it can be used as a cow bedding material, bio-organic fertilizer, etc.
The cow dung filter press is NICKBALER's independent research equipment. It adopts a high-quality team, professional design talents, and spends a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. It is produced after years of discussion and research.
The NICKBALER cow dung filter press adopts the most advanced processing equipment and purchases well-known mechanical parts at home and abroad. The equipment is stable and durable, and the production efficiency is high, which greatly improves the later production efficiency and profit for customers.
NICKBALER is the first domestic manufacturer of hydraulic machinery with the qualification to produce cow dung filter presses. Compared with other manufacturers of the same type, NICKBALER has more mature technology, more complete equipment and more extensive use.

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NICKBALER cow dung filter press has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, high working efficiency, stable action and moderate price.