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Product description of Baler bagging machine

October 9, 2021

Small package bagging blocker is suitable for sawdust, wood shavings, rice husks, medicinal materials, dried peppers, cotton seed husks, peanut shells, corn cobs, hay, mineral wool and other loose scraps that cannot be bundled and crushed peanut seedlings for animal feed. Bean seedlings, sweet potato seedlings, wheat stalks, rice straw, natural grass, lysium chinensis, alkali grass, green hay, corn grass, bread grass, coarse health, fine bran, etc., greatly reducing waste storage space, saving 80% of stacking space, and reducing Transportation costs are also conducive to environmental protection and waste recycling.
1. Economical and practical, low investment, low energy consumption, high efficiency and quick results;
2. Simple operation, easy installation, stable performance, durable, suitable for various venues;
3. The way to get rich is fast, the market demand is wide, the price of raw materials is low, sufficient, and renewable;
4. Less maintenance and simple maintenance.

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Nick Machinery Baler bagging machine adopts PLC control system, simple operation and precise control; automatic feeding and conveying device, increasing the feeding speed and maximizing production.