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Product advantages of Vietnam metal shearing machine

November 10, 2021

Metal shears are very important in metal recycling and smelting. Long or large metal materials cannot be put into the furnace. Metal shears can be used to cut metal materials quickly, and it is carried out in a cold state without other assistance. The process is fast and simple, safe and reliable, and can save time, effort and labor than traditional gas cutting and flame cutting.
Advantages of NICKBALER metal shears:
1. The metal shearing machine is hydraulically driven, and compared with the mechanical shearing machine, it has the characteristics of low inertia, low noise, stable movement, flexible operation, and large shear section;
2. The integrated hydraulic and electric control of the metal shearing machine can be operated continuously automatically or manually;
3. Simple and convenient to use, can start and stop at any working position;
4. The motor adopts programmable controller as required.

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Metal shears are widely used in metal recycling processing plants, smelting and foundry industries, to perform cold shearing of various shapes of steel and various metal materials.