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Procedures required for opening a waste paper packing station

August 23, 2021

Procedures required to open a waste paper packing station
The waste recycling station refers to the recycling center mainly engaged in the recycling of waste products. It is a material recycling and recycling company established in accordance with national laws and regulations.
According to its own advantages, the company or individual needs to recycle the materials that need to be abandoned or scrapped, reduce environmental pollution, improve the recycling of materials, turn waste into treasure, and benefit the country and the people.
I want to open a waste collection station, but what procedures are required for the waste collection station?
The most important thing to open a waste paper packing station is to apply for an industrial and commercial business license.
1. Apply.
Applicants who meet the qualifications for employment first submit an application to the industrial and commercial administration office where their household registration is located. After receiving the application, the industrial and commercial office will send the applicant a registration form for starting business.
2. Provide relevant materials.
Application for establishment registration, identity certificate of the applicant, certificate of business premises, and other documents required by national laws and regulations.
3. Examination and approval of licenses.
For those qualified through the re-examination, they shall be approved to have business qualifications and a business license shall be issued within a prescribed time limit.

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