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Problems with the installation of straw balers in Vietnam

August 9, 2021

In order not to affect the use of the straw balers and to better maintain and maintain the balers, when we install the balers, in addition to paying attention to some of the equipment and parts of the balers, there are also some issues that are often ignored by the installers.
In fact, the selection of the position when installing the straw baler is also very important, and the adjustment method before the baler is also very important.
Before and after buying a straw baler, one of the tasks to be done is to design and install the site to ensure the best production efficiency.
To make the crop straw feeding and finished product packaging output more convenient and quicker, how should the on-site installation plan of the straw baler be carried out?
First of all, before purchasing a straw baler, it is necessary to understand the size of the selected type of equipment, and the scope of the required site after installation, including width, height, etc.
Determine the approximate installation location of the equipment. At this time, you can explain the site conditions to the manufacturer, and the manufacturer’s installer will evaluate the on-site installation, or go to the manufacturer for direct consultation. At the same time, you can view the equipment specifications.
If the installation position of the straw baler is bumpy and uneven, the baler will vibrate greatly during work, which not only affects the work process, but also greatly reduces the service life of the various equipment of the baler.
Don't put the baler in the sun, the refraction of sunlight will cause the photoelectric switch of the baler to fail, and the environment with too high or too low temperature will affect the straw baler.
Generally, the working environment of straw baler requires low humidity, spacious space, temperature below 45 degrees, above 1 degree, and the baler cannot be placed in a ventilated place or stored in a harsh environment with corrosive gas.

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