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Pressure adjustment of Cambodian shearing machine

November 15, 2021

The shearing pressure of the shearing machine is not enough to cut the waste material. What causes it and how to solve it?
1. Whether the working pressure of the hydraulic system is normal, if it is low, adjust the pressure to the rated working pressure.
2. Determine whether the oil pump is leaking, if it leaks, replace it
3. Whether the oil cylinder is leaking, if it leaks, replace the sealing ring.
Using the working principle of the hydraulic oil circuit of the shearing machine, the hydraulic oil is delivered to the integrated cartridge valve block, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper cavity or the lower cavity of the cylinder through various one-way valves and overflow valves, under the action of high-pressure oil , Make the oil cylinder perform shearing movement, check the integrated block under the electromagnetic, and clean the shearing machine with diesel if possible.

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The NICKBALER shearing machine adopts hydraulic drive mode, no foot screws are required for installation, convenient operation, high work efficiency, and simple maintenance.