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Precautions for maintenance of semi-automatic balers

December 15, 2022

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Failures due to lack of maintenance or improper maintenance may result in the baler not functioning properly for a long time, so regular maintenance is essential.
1. The maintenance work will be carried out by our professional engineers or professional personnel.
2. When carrying out maintenance and inspection work, it is necessary to abide by the workshop safety rules and regulations, and do not act recklessly
3. When carrying out maintenance and inspection work, make sure that the drive and additional mechanical devices of the baler are closed
4. Empty the compression channel before repairing or maintaining the compression chamber
5. The routine inspection of the equipment is carried out according to the different requirements of each workshop.
6. For all inspection and maintenance work, conduct a thorough inspection of the baler at least every two years.
Regular maintenance and maintenance of the semi-automatic baler can not only prolong the service life of the baler, but also indirectly save the company's use cost. For more baler knowledge, please follow NICKBALER

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