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Power Source Of Metal Baler

September 18, 2023

The power of metal baler, metal shearing machine and metal chip briquetting machine comes from the hydraulic system, which is composed of three major categories: power components, control components and executive components. Although they are all hydraulic components, their own functions and technical requirements for installation and use are not the same.
Power components: power components refer to various motors and hydraulic pumps. General metal balers, metal shears, and metal chip briquetting machines use 4-stage or 6-stage motors and plunger oil pumps.
Control components: various hydraulic valves and electrical components are all control components. Such as overflow valve, electromagnetic overflow valve, one-way overflow valve, pressure reducing valve, one-way pressure reducing valve, electromagnetic reversing valve, electromagnetic ball valve, etc., along with metal baler, metal shearing machine, metal chip pressure Different series and models of block machines have different hydraulic valves.
Actuating elements: Actuating elements generally refer to hydraulic cylinders, metal balers, metal shears, and metal chip briquetting machines. The hydraulic cylinders of each model are different.
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