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Polish scrap steel shearing machine integrated operation

February 25, 2023

Scrap shear application
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Scrap steel recycling is a green recycling industry advocated by the country. Among them, the secondary division of scrap steel takes many forms. Among them, scrap steel shears are the main equipment for processing scrap steel. Disposal of waste containers, waste boilers, mixed steel scrap, and scrap iron car boxes after pretreatment are popular among users.
The hydraulic scrap shearing machine is a highly efficient equipment. You can see its effect on metal shearing, which cannot be replaced by other equipment.
The integrated operation has now undergone many upgrades and improvements. The common scrap shears in the market that we have come into contact with have actually implemented a fully enclosed and fully automated operating system, which makes it possible Easily realize one-piece work for people, and the production stability has been well improved.
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