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PLC advantage of Indian waste paper baler

November 5, 2021

Waste paper hydraulic balers are widely used in renewable resource recycling companies, especially small and medium-sized hydraulic balers are very popular in the market.
The electrical control system of the waste paper hydraulic baler uses Siemens PLC as the control software to realize the entire process flow of the hydraulic baler. The main impacts are as follows:
1. As a new generation of programmable controller, PLC has the advantages of strong function, high reliability, easy to learn programming, easy to use, small size and so on. It can realize the sequential logic control and simulation of the production process according to the technological process and control requirements. Therefore, it has been widely used in the industrial control field and achieved good control effects;
2. The ancient pure relay control method is not only troublesome in wiring, and waste of electrical components. The most important thing is that it is more difficult to find when there is a problem with the equipment, because the relay type wiring is relatively cumbersome, and all the controls are completed by electrical components. Finding the problem brings great inconvenience. On the contrary, using PLC programmable controller is more straightforward and simple;
3. The old relay wiring method, once the equipment needs to be modified, basically all the components and control wiring must be changed, but it can be realized by adding some protection and interlocking in the program with a PLC programmable controller, which is even more apparent. It is superior and feasible.

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