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Plastic Waste Baler Equipment Is Divided Into Multiple Models

June 5, 2023

Plastic Baler Classification
Plastic waste baler equipment is divided into multiple models, designed for plastic bottles and bags of different sizes. Plastic bottle hydraulic baler is mainly designed for beverage bottle packaging; large waste paper baler is designed for all kinds of plastic bottles, plastic bags, including beverage boxes, home appliance packaging boxes, electric car packaging boxes and other cartons. The design of a larger feed inlet and pressure makes the packaging beautiful, high density, and greatly reduced transportation costs.
Advantages of plastic waste baler:
1. High space utilization efficiency, compact structure, excellent performance and reasonable use of space.  
2. Remote distribution box, convenient and quick, two control methods, handle control is simpler and more convenient.  
3. Save time, easy installation, operation, and maintenance, and avoid more difficulties.  
4. Thickened body, the whole machine adopts good steel, thickened steel plate, strong bearing pressure, sturdiness and durability.
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Nick Machinery's waste plastic baler keeps up with the market dynamics and makes timely improvements, so as to better serve the new and old users and provide help for the development of the society.