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Plastic bottle Baling Press machine reduces "white pollution"

June 7, 2021

Plastic waste is also called "white pollution" and "plastic crisis", because discarded plastic bottles have seriously affected daily life and brought a lot of troubles to sanitation workers.
So how to solve the "plastic crisis"?
Reducing the use of plastic products is undoubtedly the most effective, but it is also unrealistic. Plastics penetrate into our daily lives far more than you think. Maybe you can try to avoid plastic bags, but you can’t stop. Take out, don’t drink mineral water or even wear clothes, right? Common clothing materials such as polyester, polyester fiber, and polyester are all chemical fibers, which come from the same source as plastics, and also "contribute" many plastic particles to the environment.
Compared with this, it is easier to recycle waste plastics. If discarded plastic bottles can be recycled reasonably, it will not only reduce white waste, but also save energy.
Why recycle waste plastic? Plastic is a man-made substance that is difficult to degrade, and it decomposes very slowly under natural conditions. When it enters the landfill, it takes about 200 to 400 years to degrade, which will reduce the landfill’s ability to dispose of waste.
If it is directly incinerated, it will cause serious secondary pollution to the environment. When plastic is burned, not only a large amount of black smoke is produced, but also carbon dioxide is produced, which has a serious impact on the environment.

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NICKBALER suggests that plastic balers can be used for plastic waste disposal and recycling. Compression treatment of plastic garbage by a plastic bottle Baling Press machine can reduce air pollution, reduce land occupation, and turn waste into treasure.
NICKBALER plastic bottle Baler adopts double-cylinder balance device and special hydraulic system, which makes the power more stable, safe and reliable.