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Pipeline layout of Indian hydraulic baler

August 16, 2021

Everyone knows that the hydraulic baler system works stably and has good mechanical performance. The design and layout of the hydraulic tubing system also play a very important role.
However, when we study the loss of the hydraulic tubing system of the hydraulic baler, we must also pay attention to two important losses, which are good references for our customers when purchasing and designing hydraulic systems.
1. The local loss of pipelines and hydraulic oil components in the pipeline system.
When the liquid passes through a part of the flow path, the size and direction of the liquid velocity change, and it is easy to produce vortex separation and fall off locally, therefore, it is easy to cause turbulent flow of hydraulic oil in the pipeline.
2. Pressure loss along the path.
The pressure loss occurs due to the internal friction between the various flows in the liquid flow direction in the equivalent pipeline, and the pressure loss along the path is mainly related to the length of the pipeline.
In our design, the size of the pipe diameter, the flow rate of the liquid and the viscosity of the liquid are closely related.
Therefore, research and analysis show that the main or complete loss of hydraulic oil in the entire hydraulic system is the pressure loss along the path plus all the local pressure loss in the system and the loss of the piping system.

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