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Philippines horizontal hydraulic baler

December 7, 2021

Compared with the old-fashioned hydraulic baler, the function of the horizontal hydraulic baler has been very perfect, but there will be some big and small problems in the actual use of the horizontal hydraulic big Ogi.

If it is a minor problem, the manufacturer can solve it by itself. If some professional problems cannot be solved by the manufacturer, then the manufacturer’s professional maintenance team will be required to solve it at this time. If the manufacturer comes to the door, it usually takes more than 24 hours to be in place. In this way, not only production was delayed, but manpower and material resources were wasted.

Based on this situation, NICKBALER will devote itself to the research and development of equipment in the future, and strive to design a horizontal hydraulic baler that can automatically alarm and automatically repair. If there is a more intelligent horizontal hydraulic baler equipment, the hydraulic pressure When a mechanical product fails, it can be handled more conveniently. When you don’t know how to operate, you can also use the video and voice function on the hydraulic baler to communicate with the manufacturer’s maintenance personnel.

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NICKBALER has always attached great importance to technological innovation and R&D investment, and carried out continuous independent innovation and research and development in accordance with customer needs and industry development trends.