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Operation Of Vertical Waste Paper Baler

August 22, 2023

The use of the vertical waste paper baler is very convenient. I believe that many friends who want to engage in waste recycling want to know the operation and maintenance of the vertical waste paper baler. Here, the Nick Machinery waste paper baler manufacturer will tell you the answer.
1. Operation of vertical waste paper baler
1. After the bale pops up, reset the baling lever to press down. Then remove the bundle, close the door and lock it to enter the next packaging cycle task;
2. The pressure plate moves downward and compresses to reach the maximum pressure, and then automatically returns to the fully open position. When compressing and Baler Press constraints, the platen stops at the preset position of the compressed material;
3. Put in the material. When the material is loaded to the height of the platen, close the door tightly and press the "Down" button. The equipment runs automatically and compacts; (the feeding height of materials other than cardboard can only be slightly higher than the bottom door)
4. String the Baler Press rope through the automatic elastic device behind the vertical waste paper baler, and place it along the Baler Press belt groove, then tie the Baler Press belt to the pull station at the bottom of the Baler Press groove, and rotate the automatic elastic device 90 degrees, Close the bottom door and lock it;
5. Open the equipment door and pass the binding rope from front to back through the bottom wire slot and return to the front through the pressure plate wire slot, and tighten the binding rope by hand. Push the Baler Press rod by hand, push the rod to a fixed position, and lock it tightly. Press the "up" button, and the return stroke of the oil cylinder will automatically turn out the bundled bundles. (When opening the lower door, no one is allowed to stand in front of the door, so as to avoid accidental injury when the door bounces open)

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