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NKB220 sawdust bagging machine

February 13, 2021

NKB220 sawdust bagging machine, also known as wood shaving bagging machine, is a relatively mature product of Nick Machinery's horizontal baler. Nowadays, many customers buy this equipment to compress wood shavings as a bedding for horse racing, chickens and ducks.
The automatic sawdust Baler machine is a Baler machine that needs to be bagged. It is a very cost-effective chip Baler machine. In addition to Baler rice husks, it can also pack various soft materials such as wood shavings, rice husks, cottonseed husks, etc. This sawdust Baler machine At present, it has achieved a good reputation in the Chinese market.
The NKB220 sawdust Baler machine is equipped with high-quality equipment components to ensure the stable application and long life of the product.

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The Baler process of the NKB220 sawdust Baler machine: the material is sent to the hopper through the conveyor — the material enters the compression chamber through the hopper — the plastic bag is put on the material — the material in the compression chamber is extruded and formed — the material is compressed by the side cylinder The compressed material is pushed into the plastic bag as a whole.
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